FREE Mini Dose Set


One free set per customer. Subject to availability. T&Cs apply.


To give you a taste of what your everyday skin care regime could be like, we’re offering you a choice of two free sets of mini doses for sensitive or dry/ageing skin. You pay only for delivery and get one set of your choosing free of charge.

Each set includes 4 mini doses of products that Dr Tiina Meder selected herself specifically to target skin concerns associated with sensitive and ageing skin. Four products applied in succession act together to restore skin health and the feeling of comfort. You’ll be able to see and feel the results right away.

We selected these samples and put them together in 2 sets — for ageing dry skin and for sensitive reddening skin. You can choose one of these free of charge (pay for delivery only) to try and see what your new Meder Beauty regime would be like.


We don’t believe in anti-age approach to skin care. Anti-ageing is associated with harsh, painful and sometimes even unsafe methods applied to erase wrinkles and make the skin smooth and radiant. We don’t think looking well is necessarily the same as looking young. Our goals are more realistic, more achievable and at the end of the day more ethical: healthy skin at any age and the feeling of comfort associated with it. This set will give you a taste of age-well approach. Let your skin experience the routine that will allow it to cope with the stress of age, staying healthy, soft, nourished and comfortable at all times!


Discover the power of regulating your skin's circadian biorhythms. When you don't get enough sleep, vital restorative processes fail to happen in skin cells which results in dull, dry, pale and flaky skin with increased sensitivity. Try Meder circadian collection to see immediate skin improvement even after a sleepless night.



Niacinamide will boost circulation, stimulate all regenerative processes and oxygenate skin cells. This is what Nrj-Net Revitalising Cleansing Mask is famous for. Antioxidant cocktail stimulates the skin’s own protective properties, helps repel free radicals and prepare the skin for the application of active targeted products. Nrj-Soin Serum is one of all-time favourites with many, as you can see and feel the effect right away. If you’re a smoker or live in a highly polluted area, this is a must! Arma-Lift Concentrate helps the skin age well by prolonging the cell life cycle and protecting them from menopause-related inflammation, loss of elasticity, stress and pollution. A combination of metabiotic resveratrol, plant-based EGF and the stem cells of Swiss apple supports skin health through all stages of ageing. Finally, Arma-Derm Cream with algae, vitamin E and rich in precious sweet almond oil protects and fill ageing dry skin, reducing fine lines and helping fight inflammageing. Choose this set if your skin is tired, stressed, dry or showing signs of ageing. Let your skin age well!


To wake up looking radiant, apply Circa-Night Cream to clean skin before bed, even if you're not going to sleep. Natural probiotics sourced from the Swiss Alps and the Indian Ocean combined with soy peptides boost nighttime collagen production erasing all traces of sleep deprivation and fatigue from your skin. Circa-Hand will protect hand skin from age-related changes which tend to manifest more when you are tired and sleep deprived. Experience the richness and silkiness of Garcinia butter, enriched with olive squalane and vitamin E. This unique blend immediately restores comfort and nourishes dry skin, providing the best care a hand cream can offer. Arma-Neck Cream is enriched with organic Sweet Almond oil and vitamin E, making it nourishing and naturally protective. Plus, its innovative peptide formula helps boost specific proteins in the neck skin, preventing the formation of circular wrinkles and maintaining skin elasticity. Blepharo-Rich Eye Cream harnesses the power of innovative peptides to combat signs of stress and ageing in the eye area. Apply morning and night to erase traces of fatigue and help dry skin recover.

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