Eu-Seb Active Care Serum


30 ml

Prebiotic skincare for acne and oily skin. Launched in 2013, Eu-Seb Concentrate is a natural, gentle, highly effective acne and oily skin care solution. Prebiotic normalises microbiome promoting healthy beneficial flora on the skin surface. Healthy and diverse microbiome quickly returns the skin to its healthy state, eliminating even severe acne.

Unlike acids, antibiotics, retinoids and other traditional acne remedies, prebiotic skincare is gentle on skin and has no side effects. Using Eu-Seb relieves discomfort, reduces skin sensitivity, characteristic for acne, and supports the skin's UV protection.

As will all prebiotic skincare for acne and oily skin, consistent and regular use is key. The results accumulate with time and inflamed, acne-prone skin gets smoother day by day.

Microbiome-friendly Eu-Seb Concentrate works wonders for oily, blemished and problem skin prone to inflammation and acne.

Prebiotic-based formula has consistent normalising effect on acne, excessive sebum production and skin inflammation. Eu-Seb eliminates blemishes, blotches, red bumps, prevents greasy shine and evens out the complexion. No side effects, no downtime.

The result is matte, smooth, normalised skin and restored comfort and self confidence.

In vitro tests have confirmed that Eu-Seb Concentrate reduces the amount of acne-causing bacteria C. acnes by 92% in 24 hours. 

You can use Eu-Seb Concentrate during Roaccutane treatment or alongside chemical peels, laser treatment, retinol-based skin treatment to help maintain healthy skin microbiome.


The key ingredient of Eu-Seb Concentrate is prebiotic BioEcolia® which normalises and supports the skin microbiome. Prebiotic therapy is a new approach to the treatment of acne and skin inflammation, pioneered by Meder back in 2013. Prebiotics can help reduce acne without the use of antibiotics or acids, in a gentle and natural way.
Prebiotic BioEcolia® rebalances and maintains the skin's healthy flora. With regular use prebiotics have demonstrated strong consistent normalising effect in cases of acne, skin inflammation and excessive sebum production.
Morinda citrifolia or Noni stem cells extract contains cells able to block bacterial communication and prevent the acne-causing bacterial growth. Noni extract is the new generation of skincare able to stop the formation of acne biofilm and restore skin health whilst letting beneficial flora thrive and keep the skin healthy.
Bioflavonoids from the Indonesian Maclura plant stem cells imitate the effect of retinoic acid on skin cells without the side effects of retinol. Maclura bioflavonoids reduce skin oiliness making it smoother and more elastic, while also keeping down skin sensitivity, restoring the diversity of microbiome and helping suppress inflammation.
With regular use, Eu-Seb Concentrate makes the face look matte, the skin healthy and restores the feeling of comfort. For best results combine with other Meder Beauty anti-acne skin care solutions with prebiotics.
Consistent regular use is key. Individual results may vary. 

how to use

Apply to clean skin morning and night for at least 5 weeks for stable normalising effect. Combine with Eu-Seb Mask.



Please be advised that we are currently making some updates to the look of our packaging. During this transition period the product packaging you receive may vary, but rest assured its contents is still the same high quality skincare you love.

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