Skin Help for Retinol Users

So, you're a retinol user, and you don't want to give it up.
Here is what you need to know...

Retinol and its derivatives are all powerful ingredients with visible effects you can count on. That's one of the reasons why retinol is so popular. It works, and you notice it.

Perhaps, you notice something else too.

Your skin has become somewhat sensitive. No, scratch that, it is really sensitive. Must be all those chemicals and environmental pollution.

You get sunburn and sun spots more often than you used to. Well, everyone knows about the expanding areas of damaged ozone layer. The sun must've become more active in the recent years, and UV Index is higher than ever.

You get a lovely pink glow on your skin from using retinol, but some of your selfies look a bit... red? Time for a new phone, maybe, with a better camera.

You develop mild rosacea. It's mostly under control, with occasional flare-ups. Well, rosacea is most likely genetic, right?

The problem is, each of these individual symptoms may be caused by other reasons. But if you experience most or all of the above, plus occasional burning, flaking, tingling, dryness, irritation, pigment spots — well, these are side effects of the systematic retinol application.

You may also want to look closer at your rosacea symptoms if you're experiencing them. It might be retinoid dermatitis.

You're not convinced, we know. Well, if you like your retinol — that's great, we have no intention to change your mind. There are other options, but at the end of the day the choice is yours, and we respect it.

What we offer instead is some skincare to help your skin cope with the aftereffects of your skincare regime.Dr Meder recommends to combine these Meder Beauty products with your retinol-based skincare. The benefits include:

— Prebiotic and probiotic support for struggling microbiome.

— Protective and calming effect of Centella asiatica (the only effective therapy of retinoid dermatitis so far).

— Soothing neurotherapy for persistent low-grade inflammation.

— Restoring the skin's protective barrier.

— Enhancing natural regeneration.

— Strong capillary protection.

— Moisturising and other benefits.

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