Meder Beauty Story

About Meder Beauty

Meder Beauty is a Swiss line of hi-end professional skincare. But there is more to our story.

Launched in 2009, Meder Beauty has since earned recognition in many countries of the world. Bearing the name of its creator, Dr Tiina Meder, our brand embodies both bold, no-nonsense strictly scientific vision and a firm belief in natural pain-free beauty.

Dr Meder is a creator of 12 original massage techniques, one of them hailed World's Best Massage Technique in 2000 by Les Nouvelles Esthetiques (France). She has worked for a variety of cosmetic establishments, such as Thalgo (France), Cellap Lab (Switzerland), Takano Yuri Clinic (Japan) and others before starting out on her own.

Between R&D and managing Meder Beauty International, she published two well-received books, Urban Myths of Beauty, 2014 and The Science of Beauty, 2015, along with hundreds of articles in aesthetic magazines in France, UK, USA, Sweden, Norway, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine), a chapter of dermatological textbook and countless interviews, Q&As and myth-busting opinion pieces.

Dr Tiina Meder has a passion for innovation and progress, and as a medical professional she is able to distinguish a real breakthrough from a commercial gimmick. Her extensive experience and uncompromising ethics steer Meder Beauty clear from dubious solutions.

Safety, stable results and skin health are our priorities.

Our Philosophy

Meder Beauty follows scientific progress in skin health. We follow leading-edge research in various areas of biology and biochemistry. We work with cosmetic chemists and partner up with dermatologists, microbiologists and molecular geneticists to develop our products.

With every single Meder solution we strive to achieve max impact on the skin using only safe ingredients with scientifically confirmed beneficial effect. We know exactly what skin structures and on what level are affected by the active ingredients we use.

This is why Meder Beauty always insists on thorough training and certification for all beauty professionals who perform our professional treatments. Moreover, we offer detailed instructions on how to choose and how to use our home care.

We believe that safety comes first and perform extensive safety tests, even if it means taking a long time before each new product is released. Meder Beauty Science creates skincare that maintains the skin's health and beauty, suitable for all. And we mean all: we only ever use ingredients that are completely safe for people of all races, ages and at all stages in life, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause.

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